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ADTRAN's Still Connecting Business and Technology

Still time to plan for the Fall 2006 'Connecting Business and Technology' ADTRAN seminars.  These seminars offer great opportunities to learn more about ADTRAN's networking solutions for Small and Mid-Size businesses.

Select a Location near you.

Dallas, TX - September 7, 2006
Columbus, OH - September 12, 2006
Birmingham, AL - September 14, 2006
Lexington, KY - September 20, 2006
Lansing, MI - September 26, 2006
Indianapolis, IN - October 4, 2006
Houston, TX - October 10, 2006 and
Washington DC - October 18, 2006

Plan to attend a session near you to learn more about how you can deliver increased productivity + major cost saving benefits for your customers.  For more info about seminar registration, you can email or phone toll free 800-923-8726 ext. 8380.


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Thu, 27 Jul 2006 09:35:14 -0500

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