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Verso NetPerformer Your T1 to E1 Conversions

This is cool.  Verso NetPerformer® SDM-9220 (versatile SIP gateway with integrated full-featured router) supports T1-E1 conversion because it is equipped with a digital cross connect function (chip).  One of Verso's Senior NetPerformer Product Specialists tells us that a 24 channel T1 is able to drop/insert on an E1 and vise-versa on a DS0 basis.  In addition, you can drop a DS0 from timeslot X to timeslot Y (e.g. from a digital T1, Channel 24 can be dropped on Channel 16 on the E1); the NetPerformer specialist (Marc) indicates that at times this is required when transporting a dedicated signaling channel. I'll ask Marc to comment back if he has any other application tips he'd like to share with us. 

In the meanwhile, the NetPerformer SDM-9220 will have no problem supporting T1/E1 conversion and is a good recommended replacement for the Orion 200.  Contact your Interlink Account Manager today to source your Verso NetPerformer equipment.


Fri, 08 Sep 2006 10:02:44 -0500

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