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My Visit to VoiceCon Orlando

Don't be jealous, I LIVE in Florida, so my trip to VoiceCon in Orlando was no boondoggle to catch some sun - it was just a quick hop down I-4.  I did not register for the speaker sessions, just visited the exhibits.  The show floor was very busy, and every sign in the place must've been touting unified communications.  Still, I got to see some great stuff.

In the interest of full disclosure, I went there to see Digium and ADTRAN (you may know that Interlink distributes these products).  Got to see the NEW Digium Switchvox AA60 - and it was so cool - the AA60 has new phone provisioning tools that make setting up SIP phones an easy & even pleasant experience for a change.  Switchvox has made some great changes in the Admin functionality also. 

With the AA60 and updated 3.5 software, you will now be able to assign management permissions to individual administrators, and control what access they will have to help distribute the administration of the PBX...without giving someone complete control.

The AA60 is a Switchvox product, and it runs Switchvox config software (as you know, Switchvox is now part of Digium so you can bet the hardware has been fully tested and qualified to run Asterisk).  BTW, here is a good article I just read on the History of Open Source Asterisk PBX.

ADTRAN had a new, great looking biz SIP phone that had a powerful feature set, and a professional look that sometimes seems lacking in some of the lower cost SIP phones currently on the market.  

As most Asterisk implementation experts know, most of the SIP phones on the market have the same basic configuration variables, so now, it really comes down to the phone's appearance and sound quality that will drive purchase decisions.  Call me a simpleton, but I am still impressed with a large, bright phone display that is capable of showing me large amounts of yummy configuration data, and the ADTRAN phone, definitely delivers.

In the area of security, I was a little disappointed that all of the good stuff there seemed primarily geared to the service provider and enterprise customers - and not so much to the SMB.  I believe that the next big market in VoIP is going to be security and not just rebranding and repackaging existing technology, calling it closed source, and charging more. 

If you're thinking about VoIP and looking at Asterisk, do yourself a favor and purchase an appliance or server that has been certified capable to run Asterisk by Digium and offers support from Digium when and if it is needed; you will not be disappointed.

Kevin Kelley
System Engineer -VoIP

Posted by ICS SE on Wed, 19 Mar 2008 16:52:05 -0500

Feedback re: My Visit to VoiceCon Orlando

I am glad you liked the story on the History of Asterisk. Thanks for the kind words.

Posted by: Mark Hinkle at 3/20/2008 7:01:04 PM | Mark Hinkle

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