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What to do when times get tough.

Interlink is a Digium|Asterisk and ADTRAN DistributorIn a recent post from VoiceCon Orlando Editor & Lead Blogger of "No Jitter," Erick Krapf related a conversation that he had with a former analyst at Gartner about how vendors succeed in tough economic times.  It caught my attention, well because the last time I filled my gas tank - I personally felt the squeeze. 

Anyway, Krapf concluded, "So Chris's point was, the vendor in the enterprise communications space who can convince you that their product really will save you hard dollars now -- that vendor can and will stand a chance of getting your business."

I might add that the convincing better be based on what's real.  Here are some real things Interlink VARs can consider when the going gets tough.

  1. Digium|Asterisk based IP PBX products can deliver enterprise-class voice services for a fraction of the cost of competitive offerings.
  2. ADTRAN internetworking (NetVanta, Total Access) products deliver switching and routing functionality at significantly less cost than the market leader.
  3. snom VoIP phones are based on IETF open standard SIP and recognized as high quality, customizable and cost-effective devices.  They're also certified as interoperable and compatible with the Digium|Asterisk IP PBX products.
  4. Fluke Networks Visual Performance Manager is a unified performance management system that ofers unmatched visibility and analysis to make your VoIP and network performance management easy.


Posted by ICS SE on Thu, 20 Mar 2008 16:49:56 -0500

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