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Charles Industries Mini-Mux 840 Deployments

Nothing small about Charles Industries' Mini-Mux 840 deployments during the first two months of this year - Interlink VARs - check out this Guest Post from Dominic Imbrogno, Senior Product Manager at Charles Industries, Ltd.  You might have an opportunity right now with some of these same applications that Dominic mentions.

Mini-Mux 840 Deployments Gaining Steam.

Can't believe the first two months of 2006 are already history; where has the time gone?  One thing for sure is that Mini-Mux 840 (MM840) product deployments are off to a good start.  In fact, the early results for the Mini-Mux 840 are very encouraging, with January and February having been very positive for this product.

While many customers spent a lot of time working through Mini-Mux 840 lab/field evaluations and small scale initial deployments in 2005, they've really hit the ground running in 2006. 

Great for Unidirectional Path Switched Ring (UPSR) or Terminal Mux Applications, the Mini-Mux 840 has been deployed a number of different ways.  Some of the more popular applications we've seen involve using the MM840 as a DS1 feeder mux for Multiservice Provisioning Platforms (MSPPs) dropping DS1s from UPSR Rings, providing cost efficient backhaul of DS1 circuits to cell sites over fiber, providing DS1 distribution from fiber in business parks, and even a few deployments in telecommunications product test labs.

Interlink has played an important roll in helping to distribute this product to the masses.  We expect the Mini-Mux 840 will continue to gain steam throughout the remainder of the year, and look for Interlink to continue helping the cause.


Fri, 03 Mar 2006 09:12:34 -0500

Feedback re: Charles Industries Mini-Mux 840 Deployments

I was sure pleased with the ease of selling my first Charles Industries Mini-Mux 840. While I've been fairly successful in providing Charles Industries solutions to customers during 2005, this was by far the best. The Mini-Mux 840 is an OC-3 Add/Drop Mux that includes the functionality of three M13 muxes -- that's 84 T1s! All this in one RU using <35 watts, fully redundant. The MM840 is a product that just about sells itself because of its functionality and versatility. Interlink Resellers will also be happy to know that the Charles Industries' team is so easy to work with; looking forward to many more success stories to share with you on the Mini-Mux 840.


Posted by: Jeannie Cleveland at 3/7/2006 9:17:15 AM | Jeannie Cleveland

Sales are really heating up this year! Many new accounts and lots of interest!

If you are interested in Charles' line of broadband multiplexers (OC3, STM1, DS3, STS1, T1, E1) and need more info, please have your Interlink rep contact me with your request. We'll do our best to accommodate you. We can provide technical data, management interface screen prints, competitive information, etc. Just let us know!

Bob Spann
Charles Industries
Account Manager

Posted by: Bob Spann at 3/22/2006 2:07:19 PM | Bob Spann

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