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ADTRAN Answers

Some ADTRAN Gold Partners may perceive the POS reporting to be a duplicate effort...should they send it direct or via distributor.  Here's the skinny from ADTRAN CAM Bill Wisegarver.

"Here is the complete answer.  ADTRAN is trying to build up to a point where all of the POS information comes from our Distributors.  This will take time, so we are attempting to put procedures in place that will allow us to get to that point in a step-by-step manner.  What we are hoping is that as a matter of business practice, our Gold Partners will become accustomed to providing the POS information to the Distributor at the time of their purchase.  The Distributors store this information and then report to ADTRAN monthly.  This is not yet a clean process; and therefore we are also asking the Gold Partners to report monthly to ADTRAN.  Ultimately we would like to receive 5 monthly reports from our Distribution Partners with all of the POS information needed, rather than reports coming from each individual Gold Partner.  While ADTRAN understands that it will take some time to get the process completely transitioned in this fashion, we need to start.  I hope this helps."  (

Thanks Bill - think this does.  Customer information and your privacy is simple and legal.  Each Distributor has signed a non-disclosure agreement with ADTRAN which contractually limits who receives the POS data; and that's ONLY ADTRAN or as directed by ADTRAN.


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Tue, 14 Mar 2006 16:17:21 -0500

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