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Got 60 Seconds? Part V of VIII - UpTime Select AppSummary

This is Part V of an VIII Part series on Visual UpTime
Select(TM) Performance Management functionality.  Fluke Networks (formerly Visual Networks) has created a modular 60 second tutorial series that covers the valuable features of UpTime Select - like this one on Select App Summary.

UpTime Select AppSummary provides a single point to view Application and Server performance network-wide.  Customers can receive alarms whenever a 'new application' arrives on the network.  Interlink VARs that spend 60 seconds can learn even more about Select AppSummary - like, how it also auto discovers applications and servers network-wide.  Check it out.

Visual UpTime Select is a reasonably priced, powerful tool to track and monitor the health of your network.  Interlink Communication Systems, the Master Distributor, has certified sales and system engineers on staff to assist Interlink Resellers in selection of the appropriate modules to meet your business objectives.  Call your account manager for more information or visit


Wed, 15 Mar 2006 14:56:15 -0500

Feedback re: Got 60 Seconds? Part V of VIII - UpTime Select AppSummary

Can the Visual solution also manage application thresholds? Or do you recommend blending this product with another suitable product to achieve that type of result?

I have a situation where we'd like to throttle specific applications that can at times exceed network provider thresholds which has a performance impact on our Network.

Posted by: Vic Berggren at 3/15/2006 4:08:46 PM | Vic Berggren

Visual UpTime Select can monitor the performance of individual applications. Thresholds can also be configured so that you will be alerted if the application usage is higher than the configured usage threshold or performance degrades lower than the performance threshold. For instance, you could configure an alarm so that if your Oracle application exceeds a usage threshold of 40MB per day, you would be alerted once that 40MB limit is surpassed. You could do the same for the Oracle server response time -- if performance degrades past the configured threshold, you would be alerted. With Visual UpTime Select, you can also easily see how certain applications affect other applications on the network, how each application affects bandwidth usage, etc.

Going one step further, if controlling or shaping the traffic of a certain application is desired, that could be achieved with a 3rd party traffic shaping tool.

Posted by: Steve Tallman at 3/17/2006 9:25:03 AM | Steve Tallman

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