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Visual Network SystemsVisual Network Systems is a leading provider of network and application performance management solutions. Visual Network Systems technologies enable enterprises to reliably and securely manage the delivery of mission critical applications across their infrastructures.

Visual UpTime Select and NetFlow Tracker are embedded data sources within Visual Performance Manager 5.0.

Visual Performance Manger 5.0 offers integrated views and unique data correlation to manage application availability and response time analytics. Press Release.

Cool stuff includes:

  • Executive Level Views.
  • Cisco WAAS Integration.  VPM 5.0 visibility allows organizations to understand the nature of performance slow downs in a Cisco WAAS environment.
  • Server Health Metrics
  • OptiView Network Analyzer Integration
Visual UpTime Select Performance Management Systems, Visual IP Insight, Select Real Time, Select Back in Time, Select ASE, Select Traffic Capture, Visual Select Application Integrity, Select Class of Service, Select Application Flows, Select Application Summary are all available at Interlink.  Compatible with most Cisco and Kentrox products. Industry leader in SLA/SLV Management.

Visual UpTime® Select is a complete application performance management solution.  Optimize bandwidth, improve application performance and reduce operating costs across traditional and IP-based infrastructures:

  • Optimize VoIP performance with unparalleled network-wide visibility into each call - realtime/historical
  • End-to-end visibility into all Citrix-published applications & non-Citrix applications traversing the network
  • Get one-second granularity views into all applications running over the network
  • Troubleshoot performance problems from layers 1-7 without protocol analyzers
  • Monitor, Measure & Report on VoIP

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