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Availability Report Request Will Display Only Items With On-Hand Inventory

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  • The contents of all the boxes are used together to narrow the search. For example, if you select 3COM from Manufacturer and select New from Type, the search will display only those products from 3COM that are new.
  • If you leave a box empty it will be ignored thus having no affect on the search.
  • Capitalization does not matter; the search is not case-sensitive.
  • The search matches all the characters you type. If you're not sure about a sku, type only a part of it. For example, typing the prefix PDN for a SKU, the search will produce a list of products who's SKU begins with PDN, including PDN and PDNR.
  • The search matches only to the right of your entry. For example, entering DNR in the SKU box would return DNR and DNRR, but would exclude PDNR.



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